LIVIA SHI – Chief Makeup Artist

Style7 is a professional makeup service. Our chief makeup artist Livia Shi is a certified makeup specialist with more than 20 years professional experience in the makeup industry.

Education and early experience

Livia first studied makeup artistry in Shanghai Institute of Dramatic Arts and later entered the Shanghai Donghua University to study fashion design to enrich her knowledge in design, colour application and styles.

After graduating from the university Livia began working with several local photography studios and became the makeup artist for some well-known Chinese entertainers and celebrities, she was appointed as a makeup artist for Shanghai Oriental TV and her works reflected her unique perception of makeup artistry and were highly praised.

Professional experience in Australia

After immigrating to Australia Livia started her career with further studies in beauty & makeup service and makeup artistry. She learnt the knowledge of the local industry and achieved her diploma of makeup specialist. Since then she’s been working as professional makeup artist in Sydney for several years, her works include wedding, high fashion, stage play and various short movie, play and MTV projects such as “Faith, Love and Freedom”, “Food”, “Grey Zone”, “Piano of Fashion” and “Planet” by Short Stack. Livia is also an active supporter of Sydney Film School and the International Film School of Sydney.

Polishing skills in dramatic arts

Livia is the resident chief makeup artist of Cathy Play House. As a personal interest Livia visits theatres regularly, she has designed and applied makeup for many plays by Cathy Play House. Through her works she polished her skills over and over, pursuing the highest quality of the art by pushing every detail to perfection and won the praises of both the performers and the audience.

Style7 The Service

Style7 has signed with a number of Sydney based photography Studios, including Pure Graphy, Snog the Frog, 7 Bay Photo and Video Studio, Clovergraphy and more. Style7 aims to put the concepts and theories of beauty and art into practice, pursuing perfection in every job and helping individuals to create beautiful appearance and personal style and bringing joy and confidence to all of our customers.